Plasti – Chemie GmbH is a global company that produces synthetic resins based on polymethyl methacrylates, epoxy resins and bitumen, precast concrete resin and carbon fiber board components in cooperation with its basic chemical partners. In addition to the project-related delivery of our products and systems, we offer our customers a permanent and internationally available technical customer support. Since the company was founded, the company’s goal was to provide our customers with products that meet both desired and expected requirements. Based on extensive experience and constant innovation, we develop products in line with market needs, in close consultation with our factory representatives and authorized supplying companies. In addition, we feel obliged to help customers to use our products safely through knowledge, good advice and technical support.

We are committed to the following principles

We want to achieve satisfaction of our customers  through:

  • Settle high quality products at market prices
    Reliable, on-time delivery including technical support
    Partnership cooperation and qualified advice 

We want to achieve the motivation of our employees by:

  • Participatory leadership at all levels
    Dialogue-driven information and clear target agreements
    Promotion of self-responsibility
    Recognition of achievement

We want to achieve success in competition by:

  • Prevent and avoid mistakes, thereby reducing unnecessary costs
    Constant improvement of products, processes and business processes

We want to achieve social acceptance through:

  • Environmentally friendly production processes
    Environmentally friendly products
    Promotion of plant safety
    Promotion of occupational safety
    Promotion of sport
    Promotion of the ev. Church