Plastifloor® Data Sheets

All the information about our Plastifloor® products are available in product and safety data sheets listed below. If you need further details call us or e-mail us here.

Plastifloor® Primers

ProductInfo Product Data SheetsSafety Data Sheets
Plastifloor® 112 NStandard Primer
Plastifloor 112 ENG GB
Plastifloor 112 ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 112 ENG
Plastifloor® Additive 113 Additive for lightly wet substrate Plastifloor 113 Additive ENG GB
Plastifloor 113 Additive ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 113 Additive ENG
Plastifloor® 114 SCrack Sealer
Plastifloor 114 S ENG GB
Plastifloor 114 S ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 114 N ENG
Plastifloor® 115 B PUMMA primer,sealer for roadwaysPlastifloor 115B
Plastifloor® 116Primer for Asphalt
Plastifloor 116 ENG GB
Plastifloor 116 ENG US
SDS Plastifloor-116-ENG
Plastifloor® 118Primer for wet/new concrete Plastifloor 118 ENG GB
Plastifloor 118 ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 118 ENG

Plastifloor® Base Coats

ProductInfoProduct Data SheetSicherheitsdatenblatt
Plastifloor® 332 NElastic Coating Resin
Plastifloor 332 N ENG GB
Plastifloor 332 N ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 332 ENG
Plastifloor® 332 VElastic Pre-filled Coating Resin for inside/outside
Plastifloor 332 V ENG GB
Plastifloor 332 V ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 332 V ENG
Plastifloor® 332 ZElastic Pre-filled Membrane for inside/outsiePlastifloor 332 Z ENG GB
Plastifloor 332 Z ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 332 Z ENG
Plastifloor® 410 NPre-Filled Coating ClearPlastifloor 410 ENG GB
Plastifloor 410 ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 410 N ENG
Plastifloor® 412 NPigmented Pre-Filled CoatingPlastifloor 412 ENG GB
Plastifloor 412 ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 412 N ENG
Plastifloor® 418 NUniversal ResinPlastifloor 418 N ENG GB
Plastifloor 418 N ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 418 N ENG
Plastifloor® 430 NJoint SealerPlastifloor 430 N ENG GB
Plastifloor 430 N ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 430 ENG
Plastifloor® 500 "style"'Style' CoatingPlastifloor 500 Style ENG GB
Plastifloor 500 Style ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 500 ENG
Plastifloor® 800 N PUMMA Hybrid CoatingPlastifloor 800 N ENG GB
Plastifloor 800 N ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 800 ENG

Plastifloor® Mortars

ProductInfoProduct Data SheetSafety Data Sheets
Plastifloor® 510 NMortar ResinPlastifloor 510 N ENG GB
Plastifloor 510 N ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 510 N ENG
Plastifloor® 540 NCove ResinPlastifloor 540 N ENG GB
Plastifloor 540 N ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 540 N ENG
Plastifloor® 540/HCove Paste Resin- ready to usePlastifloor 540 H ENG GB
Plastifloor 540 H ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 540 H ENG
Plastifloor® 050/051Polymer concrete mortar SystemPlastifloor 050/051 N ENG GB
Plastifloor 050/051 N ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 050-1 ENG

Plastifloor® Sealers

ProductInfo Product Data SheetsSafety Data Sheet
Plastifloor® 522 NPigmented or Clear Hard Sealer for inside appl.Plastifloor 522 N ENG GB
Plastifloor 522 N ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 522 ENG
Plastifloor® 523 AdditivAdditive for PF®522Plastifloor 523 Additive ENG GB
Plastifloor 523 Additive ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 523 Additive ENG
Plastifloor® 526 NFlexible Sealer Extremly resistant to chemicalsPlastifloor 526 N ENG GB
Plastifloor 526 N ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 526 N ENG
Plastifloor® 527 AdditivAdditive for Food processing Industry
Plastifloor 527 Additive ENG US
Plastifloor 527 Additive ENG GB
SDS Plastifloor 527 Additive ENG
Plastifloor® 528PUMMA Sealer Plastifloor 528 ENG GB
Plastifloor 528 ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 528 ENG

Plastifloor® Hardeners

ProductInfoProduct Data SheetSafety Data Sheets
Plastifloor® Hardener 50WSandard HardenerPlastifloor Hardener 50W ENG GB
Plastifloor Hardener 50W ENG US
SDS Plastifloor Hardener 50W ENG
Plastifloor® Hardener/M Hardener for matt sealingPlastifloor Hardener M ENG GB
Plastifloor Hardener M ENG US
SDS Hardener M ENG
Plastifloor® Hardener 500Hardener for Plastifloor® 500 "style"Plastifloor Hardener 500 ENG GB
Plastifloor Hardener 500 ENG US
SDS Plastifloor Hardener 500 style ENG

Plastifloor® Accessories

ProductInfoProduct Data SheetsSafety Data Sheets
Plastifloor® Accelerator B101Accelerator for temperatures lower than -30°CPlastifloor Accelerator B101 ENG GB
Plastifloor Accelerator B101 ENG US
SDS-EN-Accelerator B101

Plastifloor® Adhesive Agent HPAdhesive Agent for smooth surfacesPlastifloor Adhesive Agent HP ENG GB
PlastifloorAdhesive Agent HP ENG US
SDS Plastifloor Adhesive Agent HP ENG
Plastifloor® S/L FillerFiller fo Plastifloor® ResinsPlastifloor SL Filler ENG GB
Plastifloor SL Filler ENG US
SDB Plastifloor SL Filler ENG

Plastifloor® Color Quartz MixDeco variationsPlastifloor Colorsand Chart
Plastifloor® Color Flakes MixDeco variationsPlastifloor Colorchart Chips
Plastifloor® Color ChartColor VariationsPlastifloor Colorchart Pigments ENG GB

Plastifloor® Additives

ProductInfo Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Plastifloor® 440 N
Thinner / accelerator for temperatures up to 0 ° CPlastifloor 440 ENG GB
Plastifloor 440 ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 440 N ENG

Plastifloor® CleanserPlastifloor Cleanser ENG GB
Plastifloor Cleanser ENG US
SDS Plastifloor Cleanser ENG