Plastifloor® Data Sheets

All the information about our Plastifloor® products are available in product and safety data sheets listed below. If you need further details call us or e-mail us here.

Plastifloor® Primers

ProductInfo Product Data SheetsSafety Data Sheets
Plastifloor® 112 NStandard Primer
Plastifloor 112 ENG GB
Plastifloor 112 ENG US
Plastifloor 112 N FRZ
SDS Plastifloor 112 ENG
Plastifloor® Additive 113 Additive for lightly wet substrate Plastifloor 113 Additive ENG GB
Plastifloor 113 Additive ENG US
Plastifloor 113 FRZ
SDS Plastifloor 113 Additive ENG
Plastifloor® 114 SCrack Sealer
Plastifloor 114 S ENG GB
Plastifloor 114 S ENG US
Plastifloor 114 FRZ
SDS Plastifloor 114 N ENG
Plastifloor® 115 B PUMMA primer,sealer for roadwaysPlastifloor 115B
Plastifloor® 116Primer for Asphalt
Plastifloor 116 ENG GB
Plastifloor 116 ENG US
SDS Plastifloor-116-ENG
Plastifloor® 118Primer for wet/new concrete Plastifloor 118 ENG GB
Plastifloor 118 ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 118 ENG

Plastifloor® Base Coats

ProductInfoProduct Data SheetSafety Data Sheet
Plastifloor® 332 NElastic Coating Resin
Plastifloor 332 N ENG GB
Plastifloor 332 N ES
Plastifloor 332 N FRZ
SDS Plastifloor 332 ENG
Plastifloor® 332 VElastic Pre-filled Coating Resin for inside/outside
Plastifloor 332 V ENG GB
Plastifloor 332 V ENG US
Plastifloor 332 V ES
Plastifloor 332 V FRZ
SDS Plastifloor 332 V ENG
Plastifloor® 332 ZElastic Pre-filled Membrane for inside/outsiePlastifloor 332 Z ENG GB
Plastifloor 332 Z ENG US
Plastifloor 332 Z ES
Plastifloor 332 Z FRZ
SDS Plastifloor 332 Z ENG
Plastifloor® 410 NPre-Filled Coating ClearPlastifloor 410 ENG GB
Plastifloor 410 ENG US
Plastifloor 410 ES
Plastifloor 410 FRZ
SDS Plastifloor 410 N ENG
Plastifloor® 412 NPigmented Pre-Filled CoatingPlastifloor 412 ENG GB
Plastifloor 412 ENG US
Plastifloor 412 ES
Plastifloor 412 FRZ
SDS Plastifloor 412 N ENG
Plastifloor® 418 NUniversal ResinPlastifloor 418 N ENG GB
Plastifloor 418 N ENG US
Plastifloor 418 N ES
Plastifloor 418 N FRZ
SDS Plastifloor 418 ENG
Plastifloor® 430 NJoint SealerPlastifloor 430 N ENG GB
Plastifloor 430 N ENG US
Plastifloor 430 N ES
Plastifloor 430 N FRZ
SDS Plastifloor 430 ENG
Plastifloor® 500 "style"'Style' CoatingPlastifloor 500 Style ENG GB
Plastifloor 500 Style ENG US
Plastifloor 500 Estilo ES
Plastifloor 500 Style FRZ
SDS Plastifloor 500 ENG
Plastifloor® 800 N PUMMA Hybrid CoatingPlastifloor 800 N ENG GB
Plastifloor 800 N ENG US
Plastifloor 800 N PUMMA Híbrido ES
Plastifloor 800 N PUMMA FRZ
SDS Plastifloor 800 ENG

Plastifloor® Mortars

ProductInfoProduct Data SheetSafety Data Sheets
Plastifloor® 510 NMortar ResinPlastifloor 510 N ENG GB
Plastifloor 510 N ENG US
Plastifloor 510 N ES
Plastifloor 510 N FRZ
SDS Plastifloor 510 N ENG
Plastifloor® 540 NCove ResinPlastifloor 540 N ENG GB
Plastifloor 540 N ENG US
Plastifloor 540 N ES
Plastifloor 540 N FRZ
SDS Plastifloor 540 N ENG
Plastifloor® 540/HCove Paste Resin- ready to usePlastifloor 540 H ENG GB
Plastifloor 540 H ENG US
Plastifloor 540 H ES
Plastifloor 540 H FRZ
SDS Plastifloor 540 H ENG
Plastifloor® 050/051Polymer concrete mortar SystemPlastifloor 050/051 N ENG GB
Plastifloor 050/051 N ENG US
Plastifloor 050/051 N ES
Plastifloor 050/051 N FRZ
SDS Plastifloor 050-1 ENG

Plastifloor® Sealers

ProductInfo Product Data SheetsSafety Data Sheet
Plastifloor® 522 NPigmented or Clear Hard Sealer for inside appl.Plastifloor 522 N ENG GB
Plastifloor 522 N ENG US
Plastifloor 522 N FRZ
SDS Plastifloor 522 ENG
Plastifloor® 523 AdditivAdditive for PF®522Plastifloor 523 Additive ENG GB
Plastifloor 523 Additive ENG US
SDS Plastifloor 523 Additive ENG
Plastifloor® 526 NFlexible Sealer Extremly resistant to chemicalsPlastifloor 526 N ENG GB
Plastifloor 526 N ENG US
Plastifloor 526 N FRZ
SDS Plastifloor 526 ENG
Plastifloor® 527 AdditivAdditive for Food processing Industry
Plastifloor 527 Additive ENG US
Plastifloor 527 Additive ENG GB
SDS Plastifloor 527 Additive ENG
Plastifloor® 528PUMMA Sealer Plastifloor 528 ENG GB
Plastifloor 528 ENG US
Plastifloor 528 FRZ
SDS Plastifloor 528 ENG

Plastifloor® Hardeners

ProductInfoProduct Data SheetSafety Data Sheets
Plastifloor® Hardener 50WSandard HardenerPlastifloor Hardener 50W ENG GB
Plastifloor Hardener 50W ENG US
Plastifloor Hardener 50W FRZ
SDS Plastifloor Hardener 50W ENG
Plastifloor® Hardener/M Hardener for matt sealingPlastifloor Hardener M ENG GB
Plastifloor Hardener M ENG US
Plastifloor Hardener M FRZ
SDS Hardener M ENG
Plastifloor® Hardener 500Hardener for Plastifloor® 500 "style"Plastifloor Hardener 500 ENG GB
Plastifloor Hardener 500 ENG US
SDS Plastifloor Hardener 500 style ENG

Plastifloor® Accessories

ProductInfoProduct Data SheetsSafety Data Sheets
Plastifloor® Accelerator B101Accelerator for temperatures lower than -30°CPlastifloor Accelerator B101 ENG GB
Plastifloor Accelerator B101 ENG US
Plastifloor Acelerador B101 ES
Plastifloor Accelerateur B 101 FRZ
SDS-EN-Accelerator B101

Plastifloor® Adhesive Agent HPAdhesive Agent for smooth surfacesPlastifloor Adhesive Agent HP ENG GB
PlastifloorAdhesive Agent HP ENG US
Plastifloor Agente Adhesivo HP ES
Plastifloor Adhesive Agent HP FRZ
SDS Plastifloor Adhesive Agent HP ENG
Plastifloor® S/L FillerFiller fo Plastifloor® ResinsPlastifloor SL Filler ENG GB
Plastifloor SL Filler ENG US
SDB Plastifloor SL Filler ENG

Plastifloor® Color Quartz MixDeco variationsPlastifloor Colorsand Chart
Plastifloor® Color Flakes MixDeco variationsPlastifloor Colorchart Chips
Plastifloor® Color ChartColor VariationsPlastifloor Colorchart Pigments ENG GB

Plastifloor® Additives

ProductInfo Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Plastifloor® 440 N
Activator for the application as
Accelerator in MMA resins and binder for
Polymer Concrete
Plastifloor 440 ENG GB
Plastifloor 440 ENG US
Plastifloor 440 Accelerateur FRZ
SDS Plastifloor 440 N ENG

Plastifloor® CleanserPlastifloor Cleanser ENG GB
Plastifloor Cleanser ENG US
SDS Plastifloor Cleanser ENG