Plastipur® PU and Polyaspartic

Polyurethane concrete – the coating for highest mechanical, chemical and thermal load.
Especially in the food industry, the flooring is exposed to various elements. Occurring permanent hot water load, the use of aggressive cleaning agents, acids and alkalis combined with mechanical stress require a lot from the floor coating. Only very few floors can meet these requirements.

Our Plastipur® polyurethane concrete, a combination of polyurethane-based mineral and synthetic components, can withstand these enormous requirements due to its material composition. Its high disinfectability (similar to stainless steel 99.9%) combined with its non-slip surface ensure optimal and above all safe working conditions for the employees of your company.
 The right choice of Plastipur® polyurethane concrete flooring, which is ideal for your operation, depends on your work processes, the type and quantity of fluids to be applied and the prevailing temperatures!

The variety of Plastipur® PU coverings guarantees the perfect floor for the facility in every industry.

The advantages of our Plastipur® polyurethane concrete flooring:

  • Extreme temperature resistance from -40 ° C to +130 ° C even with thermal cycling (for a short time even up to +150 ° C)
  • Easy to clean and desinfect analogue stainless steel
  • Extremely impact-resistant and chemical-resistant
  • Non-slip, defined anti-slip stages
  • Applicable in short time windows

We will gladly send you the current SDBs as a pdf file. Please request the requested files here:


ProductInfo Product Data SheetsSafety Data Sheets
Plastipur® TG69
PU Screed 6mm – 9mmPlastipur®TG69 2019
Plastipur® SL23
PU S/L 4mm – 5mmPlastipur® SL45
Plastipur® Stat TG6PU Conductive 6mmPlastipur® Stat TG6
Plastipur® 370
Polyaspartic Deco ResinPlastipur 370 ENGSDS Plastipur 370 A ENG
Plastipur® 470
Polyaspartic Base CoatingPlastipur 470 ENGSDS Plastipur 470 A ENG
Plastipur® 472
Pigmented Polyaspartic Deco Coating Plastipur 472 ENGSDS Plastipur 472 A ENG
Plastipur® 560
PU SealerPlastipur 560 ENGSDS Plastipur 560 ENG
Plastipur® 570
Polyaspartic SealerPlastipur 570 GBSDS Plastipur 570 A ENG
SDS Plastipur 570 B ENG