Riverstone® MMA Polymerbeton

Riverstone® resins are low viscosity 2-component synthetic resins based on MMA (methyl methacrylate). The resins may be used to make sheets, moldings, trays, troughs, heating elements, facade elements, TT plates, and more. We supply Riverstone® resins as clear or colored variations in buckets or barrels. Furthermore, fillers and adhesive resins for natural and artistic usage can be obtained from us. We supply bulk buyers in 1t containers.

Riverstone® Resins for Resin Sheets on Terraces

Riverstone® Resin Sheets are made of Riverstone® resins and mineral fillers for versatile applications. The Riverstone® resins are solvent-free cold-curing methacrylate resins that polymerize after addition of hardener. It can be made very interesting through the choice of fillers, simple polymer concrete elements or high quality and decorative components.

Riverstone® (reactive resin concrete) has the following advantages:

  • high early strength (after 1 h over 90%)
  • high compressive and flexural strength
  • high abrasion resistance
  • high chemical resistance
  • good heat insulation
  • low water absorption
  • decorative effects due to colorants and fillers

Riverstone® offers interesting alternative solutions where low weights, acid resistance and frost resistance are required.

Riverstone® References:

Riverstone®-Elements were used to refurbish old and damaged concrete stairs.

Ideal for the renovation of wooden stairs due to its low weight and low layer thickness.

Riverstone® – Plates installed on terrace
ProductInfo Product Data Sheets
Riverstone® 1005Methacrylate resin for pre-coat and casting compounds, cold-curing, medium-viscosityRiverstone® 1005 ENG
Riverstone® 1300Methacrylate resin binder for reactive resin concrete cold-curing, low-viscosityRiverstone 1300 ENG
Riverstone® 1365 Methacrylate resin binder for reaction resin concrete cold-curing, low-viscosity, paraffin-free Riverstone® 1365 ENG
Riverstone® 1015Reactive thinner for Riverstone® resinsRiverstone® 1015 ENG
Riverstone® 1020Additive for increasing the reactivity and heat resistanceRiverstone® 1020 ENG
Riverstone® Accelerator 12for Riverstone® bindersRiverstone® Accelerator 101 and 12 ENG
Riverstone® 33Low-viscosity, impact-resistant synthetic resin for use as a stone adhesiveRiverstone® 33 ENG
Riverstone® 51Low-viscosity, impact-resistant synthetic resin for use as a stone adhesiveRiverstone® 51 ENG
Riverstone® 400Low viscosity, activator for use as a binder in acrylic concreteRiverstone® 400 ENG